Clearly written, smart copy resonates with your audience.

I’m a freelance writer and editor with 10 years of professional experience writing news for print, legal-focused international magazines, print and digital newsletters and social media management. I’ve managed blog content and strategy for startups interested in building their audience and reputation as a community thought leader and written feature stories on just about every topic including travel, food, agricultural news, healthcare and entertainment. Samples of my work can be found here. 

My time in journalism taught me to pay attention to the small details, to ask tough questions and to meet deadlines. I have also written nonprofit newsletters, donor asks and calls to action. My work has created authentic real world responses, through community action, donations driven and supporters engaged. I have edited novels, news, features, magazines, blogs and press releases for content, consistency, style, voice and length.

Please contact me regarding any work you may have available that requires a keen copy editor’s eye, or if you need ongoing content created to grow your business. I enjoy working with innovators, mission-driven organizations, startups and people with new ideas. I am available both for ongoing work and interesting one-off projects.